Nigeria Army Accommodation Management System

The Need

Information technology has opened a new vista in property and accommodation management. Presently, the drudgery of paper based documentation, managing, manual supervision of accommodation needs of personnel and report generation process means that half of the HR man-hour is spent sifting, sorting, signing and storing tons of paper documentation, while the other half is spent searching and trying to retrieve these records.
The scenario above has led to multiple allocation of accommodation to some personnels while several other are left with no accommodation or given dilapidated accommodation. Poor maintenance of barracks infrastructure, inadequate planning for personnel accommodation and a lot more.

Our Solution

Nigeria Army Accommodation Management System (NAAMS) is designed to manage and get the most out of the Army’s most valuable investments – Personnel.
NAAMS easily integrates with existing human resource systems and streamlines the management of all types of property relating to accommodation, irrespective of the size or number of allocatable units per location/barracks. The system tracks the allocation of an allocatable unit/property and all transactions associated with the property through its entire life cycle. keeps track of personnel movement history, accommodation history, maintenance history, property status, rents and generates reports for transactions and managerial use.
With the use of real time enterprise consolidation, instant information and analysis, tight security and location based data segregation, Value Minds Accommodation Manager covers the entire gamut of any organization real estate managerial needs.

Our Result


he result of the NAAMS was instantaneous. Personnels request for allocation was promptly treated. Budgets presentations for maintenance of barracks were evidenced backed from property status reports generated from the system, which resulted to better maintenance of barracks and provision of more accommodation where needed. Troops movements are better planned with resources available which could be generated from the system.

Speed / 70%
Speed / 80%
Result / 92%


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